LVCT Group is a private company limited by guarantee and a wholly owned subsidiary of LVCT Health (a Kenyan NGO), registered with the Registrar of Companies on 3rd January 2019; Registration Number CLG-ABFYZ9. As a social enterprise, compliments the work of LVCT Health by reaching groups not traditionally reached through donor funding. All proceeds from LVCT Group contribute towards the sustainable delivery of essential health services to the vulnerable and marginalized populations LVCT Health serves.

We are driven by the passion to respond to the wellness, health (including mental health) needs of individuals and workplaces in Kenya and beyond. Since its founding, LVCT Group has helped individuals and companies like yours with variety of health solutions through our various business units that target different market segment and customers. Our dedicated team offer you an unmatched passion and professionalism in meeting your individual, employees’ career and health aspirations for maximum results and returns.

Our Mission

Empowered, Healthy and Resilient Communities

Our Vision

To impact communities by facilitating universal access to equitable integrated health services

Our Core Values

Integrity, Commitment to service, Accountability, Courage, Quality

About Us